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2020 La Ca’Növa Stars In Galloni’s Latest Report

We will be offering the new stellar 2021 vintage of Barbaresco from La Ca’Növa in the coming weeks. But, before we do, we wanted to highlight our last remaining stocks that we have available of the generous and approachable 2020 vintage, which will be arriving shortly into the UK. Antonio Galloni has also recently re-reviewed these wines and upgraded his original assessment of the vintage.

Wine professionals and collectors often talk about value for money and “the next big thing”; Barbaresco is certainly not new and has been on the radar of many drinkers for years. The comparisons with Burgundy and Pinot Noir are valid, yet the pricing is a fraction of their Burgundy cousins. The quality on offer from La Ca’Növa is exceptional and his single vineyard wines deserve your attention while prices remain low – these are wines of Grand Cru quality.

A case of each Barbaresco (18 bottles total) is £465 In Bond.    

The 2020 Vintage in Barbaresco 

“The 2020s I have tasted so far point to a potentially better vintage than 2019. That picture will become clearer next year when more wines are released. Tannins feel riper, while the best 2020s present a feeling of creaminess and volume that is impossible to miss. But 2020 is not better than 2019 everywhere. Some growers, like Marco Rocca at La Ca’ Nova, gave his 2020s less time on the skins than the 2019s and bottled the wines a touch earlier, with the belief the 2020s had a bit less overall structure”Antonio Galloni,

The Wines  

Alongside the delicious Barbera d’Alba, La Ca’Növa also bottle three Barbaresco’s, all of which merit a place in any cellar:

    • Barbaresco – Made from younger vine fruit grown in the Cru vineyards of Montestefano, Montefico, Ovello and Cole, this is a Barbaresco of great energy and purity. For drinking over the short-medium term.
    • Barbaresco, Montefico ‘Vigna Bric Mentina’ – The first of La Ca’ Növa’s single vineyard Barbaresco, ‘Vigna Bric Mentina’ in the Cru of Montefico is named in memory of Marco’s grandmother. From sandier soils to the north of Montestefano, Ca’ Növa’s Vigna Bric Mentina, with its southeast exposure, is a Barbaresco of great richness, elegance and complexity.
    • Barbaresco, Montestefano – In this revered vineyard, Ca’Növa produce a wine of powerful structure, depth of flavour and longevity, courtesy of its steep south-facing slope of sandy-veined blue limestone marl. Benchmark Montestefano.

The Estate 

In the town of Barbaresco lies the ancient family home and cellar of the Rocca family, proprietors of La Ca’ Növa. Having started producing their own Barbaresco in the 1970s from perhaps the region’s leading sites (Montestefano and Montefico), La Ca’ Növa have experienced a meteoric rise in recent years. Whereas once current winemaker, Marco Rocca, was sending samples to critics and receiving no response, now he is highly coveted by collectors and critics all over the world, gaining astronomical scores. Given this unprecedented rise in popularity, it is hard to see these wines remaining “under the radar” while still being so affordable.

The humble yet supremely talented Marco Rocca produces wines with a love and respect of the land. He follows time honoured traditions in the vineyards and winery, while imparting a few modern twists which appear to have taken the wines to the next level.

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